KTI’s unique philosophy brings common sense solutions to splicing and rewinding challenges from which we produce cutting edge equipment while maintaining a cost effective price tag.

KTI is a proud American product line, founded on decades of experience in developing splicing and rewinding equipment for the printing, packaging, and converting industries. KTI began by asking questions and determining exactly what customers really wanted in this type of equipment. From there, they developed a down to earth philosophy that is demonstrated in KTI’s entire line of zero sped splicers and rewinders.

KTI’s designs reflect this approach with the most innovative design features that are built-in, not bolted on later. Another unique aspect of the KTI approach to design is the desire to keep things simple. Less is more remains the guiding principle of our design engineers. The objective remains clear: produce the most reliable, durable and productive line of splicers and rewinders on the market.  The result is a line of extremely durable, easy to operate equipment that deliver on the promise of increasing our customer’s productivity and lowering their production costs.

KTI equipment is designed to be easily customizable to individual requirements. Features can be added as needs dictate, but common to all KTI equipment are:

  • Precise engineering resulting in dependable equipment
  • Highly durable solid steel plate construction
  • Operator friendly designs
  • Designs fit for the global market

Quantum Design Inc. maintains total control of the manufacturing process for their KTI product line in their South Beloit, IL facility which includes a state-of-the-art machine shop and an experienced design-engineering department. And, since service after the sale is absolutely critical to customer satisfaction, KTI maintains its own in-house service staff to handle such needs anywhere in the world. They would be happy to introduce you to KTI solutions that are uniquely productive, user-friendly, easy to maintain and affordable.