Equipment Service

The service staff at KTI goes above and beyond to please their customers and provide excellent service from all aspects.  Regardless of machine model or category, KTI can help troubleshoot your machine quickly and accurately saving you down time and money. From a full-service spare parts department to offering full machine retrofits, we have taken the steps necessary to provide our customers with the support they need at any given time.

KTI takes pride in how quickly we can reach our customers in need.  If a problem arises, we will do our best to get to you as quickly as possible.  Many customers state this as their main reason for continuing to work with us.  KTI has recently added new service technicians to aid in assisting more customers, faster.

Spare Parts

Work with our spare part experts to avoid costly downtime and low quality items from unknowledgeable sources.  Get the parts you need in a timely fashion for any machine built by KTI, regardless of age.  Working with KTI means keeping vital equipment running and receiving the highest quality parts and service.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provides accurate delivery times and most spare part orders ship the same day saving you valuable time.  If you are in need of spare parts, contact us now at 815-885-1300.

Machine Retrofits & Upgrades

KTI offers a variety of upgrades and retrofits to our machines.  Older machines present greater troubleshooting challenges.  A PLC upgrade can provide many years of longevity to a machine that is in otherwise great condition.  In addition, new technologies can provide improved and simplified data handling capabilities. Learn more about the different types of retrofits & upgrades available from KTI now.

Need Service or Parts?

If you are in need of service or spare parts, please use the form below.  For immediate assistance please contact the main office at KTI at 815-885-1300.