Massman Automation of Villard, MN Installs New KTI Automatic Lap Splicer At Customer Site with Plans to Increase Production

Caledonia, IL, December 2020 – KTI, a world-class manufacturer of automatic splicers, turret rewinders and other web converting equipment, has recently completed assembly of their LS Series Automatic Lap Splicer for OEM Massman Automation’s end-customer.

Massman Automation has been providing innovative packaging solutions to a variety of industries for over 40 years.   Massman knows the KTI product line to be reliable, as they have been working with KTI for more than half those years with multiple installations throughout the United States and Europe.

Massman plans to run Kraft paper with special barrier properties and specifically chose the LS splicer to reduce waste on their Talon Supra machines.  The Talon Supra Microwave Popcorn bag-making machine is a continuous motion machine that runs at 300 bags (or feet) per minute.  If the machine were to stop it would create excessive waste of 3 to 30 bags.  The LS Lap Splicer’s big roll dual unwind with automatic splice on the fly feature allows Massman continuous runs with very little waste.  Most end-users are running the Talon Supra machines 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with multi-shift operations and only the occasional shut down for scheduled maintenance.  They need something continuous and reliable to supplement and improve these operations.

The LS is the perfect fit for Massman Automation, as it is a high-performance, cost-effective splicer adaptable for many applications.  Machine customization allows for running a variety of materials including film and specialty materials.  Increased profits and productivity with reduced waste are just a few of the reasons customers, including Massman, choose the LS.

Dennis Hohn, Machinery Sales, at Massman Automation says “KTI/Quantum has been a good partner and our go-to standard for our Talon Supra product.  KTI’s unwind stands have been very reliable with minimal issues over the course of 20 plus years.”

“We strive to build long-lasting relationships with customers and our ongoing business with Massman is a testament to our goals of offering cost-effective solutions at an economical price.  Our zero speed web splicer has proven to Massman over and over through the years that KTI equipment is reliable and durable.  We are happy to continue to offer them a product that meets their needs while continuously improving,” says Derek Wheeler, VP of Sales for Quantum Design.

The LS Series Zero Speed Web Splicer is available in web widths up to 66 inches (1676mm), roll diameter up to 60 inches (1524mm), splice speed up to 1800FPM (540MPM) and runs 3 inch (76mm) cores.  Standard features include PLC touch screen controls, automatic zero speed lap splice at process line speed, automatic press stop for no splice prep, direct load for upper and lower roll position and bi-directional unwind capability.

Optional features available for the LS Series Zero Speed Web Splicer include in-register splice system for pre-printed webs, a film package, automatic de-curler, motorized roll side lay, right angle turn bar, splice tracking, core shafts for alternate size cores and more. Customers can also choose a tandem pair splicer configuration with common hoist if needed.